Illegal Heating Ducts Made with Trash Bags by the Landlord for Gas Heater

Shower Ceiling

Bedroom Corners by the Window

Bedroom Walls

Moldy Bedroom Ceiling Tiles

Moldy Bedroom Ceiling Tiles / Broken Bedroom Window


Shower and Front Living Room by the Windows

Front Living Room Window Does not Open and Moldy/Rotted

bathroom Window / Moldy Rotted


Video of how much storage space is available in the garage. I moved two bookcases from my bedroom to the front of my storage area in the garage in order to clean the mold in the bedroom. These bookcases took up 10" X 51" of space. The upstairs tenant had a fit and threw old pieces of furniture at my belongings in my area of the garage and started screaming and yelling, including angrily telling me he just cleaned mold in his unit and for me to stop bothering the LL (because I contacted the Department of Public Health).