SF Modernism | Burnham’s Plan for San Francisco (1905)

Commissioned by the Association for the Adornment of San Francisco in 1904, D.H. Burnham’s Plan for San Francisco (1905) sought to modify SF’s grid-system with a series of diagonal boulevards, parks, parkways, arcades, and grandiose replicas of classical architecture. The plan is notable to any study of SF modernism for its utopian elements, its foundation […]

SF Modernism | The Sutro Baths and Modernity

The Sutro Baths, now a modern ruin, were a quintessential Victorian site of amusement, education, health, and leisure.  It seems difficult to imagine the scope of Sutro’s from the remaining ruins today. From the Wikipedia entry on the baths: “A visitor to the baths not only had a choice of seven different swimming pools—one fresh water and six […]